Any facility that stores over 1,320 gallons of oil products must maintain an EPA SPCC Plan (Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure Plan). This includes auto service, construction, buildings that utilize diesel for their emergency generator, and companies that store oil for equipment utilization facilities. Uncertain oil prices have been difficult for many oil and gas operators. Funds for expensive EPA compliance actions have been delayed by many. Not having a compliant SPCC plan exposes many to large fines for non-compliance.

spcc plan bulk oil storage

Bulk Oil & Fuel Storage

Spillco recognizes today’s circumstances and has adjusted their operation to accommodate those who do not have a required SPCC plan for their oil storage facilities. By following all specific SPCC requirements of 40 CFR 112, whether a large oil production facility or a company that only stores a small quantity of oil products, we have developed templates for various industries, with the input of site specific data, that allow us to provide a completely compliant Tier I, Tier II or PE Certified SPCC Plan for a very low cost per facility. All categories of SPCC Plans must include details of each vessels’ size, purpose and content and include a site diagram, secondary containment description, topographical map proximity to any waters, site drainage characteristics and references to specific CFR specified regulations. For Professional Engineered Certified Plans, we do have travel expense in addition to the plan fee. This expense can be minimized by having a number of different sites to visit during the trip.

SPCC EPA Compliant Experts

How are we able to provide an SPCC Plan for $600.00 or under when most firms charge several thousand dollars?

Compliant EPA SPCC plans are our only business. We restrict our activities to these plans and nothing else. We keep abreast of all changes, revisions and proposals effecting EPA SPCC plans.

A visit to the websites of others who provide SPCC plans reveals that this activity is usually included in a long list of the various engineering and environmental services they provide. There is nothing wrong with this approach. These firms provide excellent engineering services. However, writing SPCC plans for them is not a specialty.This requires them to customize each plan from scratch. By streamlining the SPCC plan designs and content, Spillco is able to provide total compliance with the regulations pertaining to Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure plans as specified in the EPA regulations.

SPCC Plan Certification – FAST

An additional advantage to utilizing Spillco for your SPCC plans is completion time. In most instances, we can deliver your digital version of the certified plan via email within a very short period of time. The printed version follows shortly.

Call (817) 832-1860or email. We will further explain how Spillco can save you large amounts of money while providing the tools necessary for total compliance.