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Asphalt Plants Have Unique SPCC Compliance Regulations For Above Ground Storage Tanks

Facilities that store over 1,320 gallons of oil products must prepare a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) in accordance with Chapter 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 112 (40 CFR §112) for the prevention of discharging oil into navigable waters. Asphalt production plants must comply with this regulation.

Unique Oil Products

Asphalt plants store oil products that are unique in their composition. Asphalt Cement (AC) is a thermoplastic material, composed of unsaturated aliphatic and aromatic compounds, that softens when heated and hardens upon cooling. The AC is stored in shell encased insulated above ground tanks at temperatures in excess of 250° F. The EPA SPCC interpretation is that since it is in a liquid form, it is capable of flowing and is subject to secondary containment and other applicable compliance directives.

After the AC is pumped and blended with aggregates (stone, sand, and fines) it is manufactured into Asphalt Paving Material (APM). The on-site storage silos containing APM have been explicitly exempted from SPCC requirements. All Hot-Oil Mix (HMA) tanks and containers are exempt.

In the past, no API or STI-SP001 standards were applicable for Integrity testing requirements of SPCC plans for AC tanks. In January 2018, Steel Tank Institute incorporated in Appendix D of the SP001 Standard Integrity Inspection Criteria, amendments for specific standards to include Thermoplastic AST’s with operating temperatures above 200° F.

Spillco has developed and provided customized professional engineer certified SPCC Plans for Asphalt Plants to incorporate state and EPA directives that incorporate the current STI-SP001 Integrity Testing Inspection instructions for compliance with 40 CFR §112.8 requirements. Contact Spillco to schedule a site visit to develop an economical, customized Spill Plan for your Asphalt Production facility at any location where we have licensed professional engineers.

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SPCC Regulations

A properly compliant SPCC plan will cover all applicable regulations and include a detailed discussion of the following:

  • A detail listing of all oil product vessels of 55 gallons or more.
  • Secondary containment of all vessels 55 gallons or more. This containment may be in the form of passive such as double walled vessels, constructed walls capable of holding the quantity of the largest vessel plus rainfall freeboard if outdoors and spill containment pallets. In lieu of this form of containment, dependent upon the actual vessel and usage, active containment in the form of spill kits may be in compliance.
  • Topographical Maps showing distance to any waterways or intermittent streams
  • Diagram of facility detailing the location of all oil product storage vessels and the primary direction of drainage from the facility
  • Reference to specific applicable EPA regulations
  • An Oil Spill Contingency Plan detailing all actions to be taken in the event of a major oil spill
  • Employee training directives and applicable records
  • Oil storage vessel inspection forms
  • Loading and unloading of oil products procedures

SPCC Plans Are Our Only Business

Spillco has provided several thousand SPCC plans in over 30 states for over 700 clients of various industries during the past 10 years. SPCC plans are our only business. We have contracted Professional Engineers who are knowledgeable of the SPCC requirements and are licensed in over 30 states.

Due to referrals from banks, insurance carriers and internet searches, Spillco has provided many auto service departments’ Tier I & II Self Certified SPCC plans for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. The reason is simple. Due to our experience, we developed systems specific for an application that do not require our time in researching and constructing a specific plan from the initial stage. The information from a facility is molded into our system for a site specific plan without having to research all applicable regulations since we have pre-prepared all criteria. We provide you with a short list of facility information we need to allow you to have a fully EPA compliant SPCC Plan.

For those who attempt to self-prepare their Tier I or Tier II SPCC plan, they will quickly discover that our modest fee will save them much time and expense while being assured of full compliance with the regulations.